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This is basically why I'm not allowed to have credit cards. Kids could learn a thing or two from this. Excellent foley work.

MelloYelloClock responds:

thank you <3

Rocked out to that face pummelage.

If only we could give half stars

I'd like to give you guys a 9 1/2, for the sole fact that in the first pub we were drinking ale, not stout. Apart from that, it's great to see my face in movies, still. Also, we should force Bawls to make more movies. The boy needs practice.

I belonged in this movie

Still great though. I like the the part where they say the cats in the cradle most. Smoke weed urr'day.

Pop-Tart responds:

Thnx homie. Now that you've started hangin 'round the froum again... will definitely have to put ya in a movie..


I didn't know you made chiptunes! We should be bestest 8bit buddies. Or at least trade some tunes when I finally publish mine.

topcatyo responds:

I'd love to. I have done quite a few chiptune songs and would love to hear what you've made.

Absolutely Loved It

I've been wanting to play with overlaying textures like that. You used it to great effect. Wonderful use of audio clips too. Another masterpiece, Strange. <3

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks Somni! Happy Clock Day <3

Splendidly Wonderful

Because dialogue is hard to write.

LotusClock responds:

They say an image is worth a thousand words. I've always been more of a visual artist.

Thanks for the vote <3


How's it goin'?

ReQsa responds:

Fine... just fine:)
I was actually thinking of putting you in there at the ending and have you say something witty.

I live in California toooooo

Golden, we should get together sometime so I can make awkward sexual advances toward you, then you'll be all LULZ after I hit you in the head with an empty beer bottle and rob you blind.

GoldenClock responds:

kutguitiutkj tkt


I liked the part about the girls who went about pursuing their urge to have fun.

I've been on this website far too long, with far too little to show for it.

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